Lord of the Mayas : The Two APIs

From 8.5, Maya introduced Python support for scripts and plug in development,
For people using older versions, they can use this :

So Maya has Two APIs now , Maya C++ API and Maya Python API,
Plug ins developed using Python API are called Scripted Plugins.

You can find example scripted plug ins at here:
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya8.5\devkit\plug-ins\scripted

Code blocks in Both APIs are very similar,
Both kinds of plug ins need to be initialized and uninitialized,

If you are using Visual Studio .NET for Maya C++ Plug in Development then while creating API project through wizard , VS creates a Macro called declareSimpleCommand
This Macro takes care of initialize/uninitialized of Plug in.
While in Python we need to take care of this through separate functions

All computations will go in doIt function of class derived from Maya's Library,

Stand Alone applications can also be written using any of both APIs.

Here are some sites for Python development,

Happy Developing,

Maya API Development


Here starting Maya API Development,

First some good resources,


And Complete Maya Programming Vol 1 and 2 by David Gould,


Vishang Shah